• My New Blog Content!!!


    After a long internal debate I have decided I am going to change the content of my Blog. I am told by real estate marketing professionals I need to have a blog and website that keeps my clients up to date on the market info, make your site the “go to place” for people to get their information, show everyone what an expert you are, blah blah. They then turn around and want to sell you information to post on your blog for $30 – $100 a month and here is the big kicker, every other  Realtor then has the same information on their blog as well. So much for originality! This is why I stopped posting on my blog almost a year ago. If I find an article I find interesting or pertains to West Michigan or to one of my clients, I may email it to you, post on my social media pages, or share here on my blog. But no more!!

    So how am I changing content? Let me start by saying I think Apple has the best customer service I have seen in a company in years. When I go into the Genius Bar for help, I get help. Not an up sell on the newest software or hardware but real help. My goal as a realtor is to provide you the best customer service as possible like Apple. I will treat you like I expect to be treated. Now I know you are yelling “HELLO BOB!! Hello!!! McFly?!?!? What does this have to do with your blog?” I think if you know who I am, what I want to recommend or condemn, or just go on a rant of a good day you will realize I am not the sleazy stereo typical used car, mall kiosk cell phone salesmen that just moved up to real estate.

    My blog is going to be me yelling at the world about the world according to me. Me, Bob! A guy who made a change when his engineering job disappeared, a guy who became a dad, a guy who loves being a Stay At Home Dad during the day with his two kids and helping people in afternoons and evenings looking to buy or sell a home, a guy who loves his wife, and a guy who would prefer a simpler world. Once you know who I am, I am confident you will want me in your corner as a Realtor.

    I hope you will enjoy my blog as much fun as I am expecting to have.



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