• Perfect 10

    I am not into the whole numerology thing but I did think this was pretty cool. I hear this was the busiest day for weddings today because of the data 10/10/10. The numerologist say if you remove all the zeros and all the digits you get the number 5. 5 is number of celebration. So what are you celebrating today, even if the day wasn’t a perfect 10 for you?
    I am celebrating the fact it was a nice day, my mom and aunt were able to make it to my god child’s baptism this weekend, had a great breakfast with friends and family, my wife cooked a awesome dinner, family made it home to Chicago safe, and I got a little one on the way. Didn’t sell any houses, didn’t do any real estate but I think that is a pretty good day to celebrate.
    May the rest of your day and year be a perfect 10!

    Bob De Rose

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